History of the IREC program

The project has evolved since its inception in 1999 over the years through a collaborative project run by Nick Nunnington then of Sheffield Hallam, Tim Bennett UCEM London and Erik Schutte of Hanzehogeschool, Groningen.

Current status

Its small beginnings have now grown into an international real estate and business consultancy challenge undertaken by up to 85 students and ten academic staff from both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which have been represented by 15 different countries over the years and whose students nationalities have ranged from the USA to China and in-between. It is estimated that over 700 students have experienced this unique educational challenge since its inception. The Challenge provides a valuable and unique learning experience for our property professionals of the future and involvement from employers enables greater integration of the classroom and the office. 

Now a network of property professional who have a common unique experience and basis for continue practice co-operation.