What is IREC?

IREC is an annually based competition where 8-20 European Universities participate in presenting a project development, based on a specific need from a real investor/investors. Up to 80 students from 12 different countries prepare their tasks via Skype before the winter semester in January starts again. They work under the guidance/supervision of their professor.

They visit an European city in January. All students have to go through a real life project and develop their ideas with the aim of producing a viable project to present in front of an expert jury.

The best 3 go on to the next round and re-present in front of the investors. The students get to work closely with students from different countries who have other experiences and approaches.

They get the invaluable experience of facing real challenges and having to find real solutions. They also get the chance to network internationally which could be an advantage for after graduation and possible projects.

The investor gets to access new and exiting minds who are open to different ideas and possibilities, also by supporting the next generation of real estate specialists. In addition they get access to data and knowledge on an european level and network in relation to their specific industrial sector...